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Thursday Next
04 January 2008 @ 10:48 pm
The Long Way HomeCollapse )

[OOC: And that's it from Thursday Next and the boy Friday! Thanks to everyone who played with her throughout her time in Fandom. It's been a blast.]
Thursday Next
02 January 2008 @ 07:54 pm
Thursday looked out at the small yard from her chair on the back porch. Anyone inside could see her through the glass sliding door curled up with her feet tucked beside her. Chilly was how she would describe the weather, but that was underestimating it. It was cold. She didn't care. Thursday raised the mug to her lips and sipped her coffee. Her decision was made. She and Friday were returning to Swindon by the end of the week. The decision hadn't been easy, and she knew there were things and people here they would both miss, but they had been in hiding long enough.

While Friday slept, Thursday enjoyed the morning and the sounds of Fandom waking. This place had become home and that was never easy to let go of, but they would leave soon. There were things to do and possessions to pack and people to say goodbye to.

For now, she had her chair and her coffee and the crisp morning.

[OOC: For the early risers, if any live here.]
Thursday Next
01 January 2008 @ 08:05 pm
Long-winded? It's a story arc conclusion. What did you expect?Collapse )

[OOC: First person because of the trip home. She'll be back to normal third person tomorrow HOORAY. NFB/NFI due to distance. Story arc of doom is OVER and, uh, this may be tl;dr. It's okay. It's DONE HOORAY! HOORAY I SAY!]
Thursday Next
Thursday managed to put Friday to bed only after a song about a coyote by an Australian childrens' group stopped playing in both of their heads. Well, it had started in Friday's, then he hummed it and sang along in Lorem Ipsum and the song was contagious. Thankfully, it stopped when Friday seemed to run out of steam and now he was fast asleep and the singing was gone. Unfortunately, she was never going to be able to get the song out of her head forever.

The entrances to Friday's room were firmly closed and set up with rudimentary alarms should anyone try to get in. The purchase had been made earlier in the week in light of Pheces' threats, but after hearing on the radio that the town wasn't safe, it was serving a dual purpose.

Thursday retreated to her room and checked the page of her TravelBook she was using for messages to and from the BookWorld. She hadn't been able to return yet since they were still perfecting the filtering system. Right now, no one could get in or out but they were working on altering the system so she could pass to and from the BookWorld without being forcefully knocked back into the real world if she tried.

With Jurisfiction out of touch, a job that didn't require altogether much active work and nothing much else to keep her occupied, Thursday couldn't help but dwell on the last year - turning into a child, Logan and then Logan leaving, Nighten, older Friday, the incident at the church, almost losing Jurisfiction and the BookWorld and, most of all, Landen's absence throughout the whole year - as she sat in bed, settling down for the night.

I wandered through fiction to look for the truth buried beneath all the lies.
I stood at a distance to feel who you are hiding myself in your eyes

Thursday glared up at the song. "Don't start."
Thursday Next
Wherein 'Well this isn't good' is an understatement.Collapse )

[OOC: Oh em gee and we're done! Pre-played with the whole gang of wonderful library geeks. Thank you so, so much to all of you for playing and putting up with my nagging and to the folks behind the scenes who listened to me try to work out plotting and let me bounce ideas off them. It was a blast! Here endeth the flist spam.]
Thursday Next
As Lee, Bridge and Mac disappeared, Thursday led the others to the level where the Council of Genres chambers were held. "I don't know who or what is behind this," she told them. "Follow my lead, but if you're in doubt of what to do, run. It's a big library. There's plenty of room to hide." She pulled out her gun and loaded an Eraserhead bullet into it. "I only have one bullet. Guaranteed to turn even the most well-described character into loose text, never to be retrieved. Let's see if we can do this without resorting to violence." She was sceptical that it could be done. "Remember, fictional characters may be fictional but that doesn't make them any less real, especially in here. Be careful, especially if you're injured. Injuries in here are either nothing more than a scratch or they're near-fatal. There is no in between."

Sneakiness, a lover's quarrel, villains, treachery and a not so happy climaxCollapse )

[OOC: I am totally spamming your flist. One more post to go, I swear! NFI, NFB, pre-played with the exalted death_of_hope, psychic_wonder and vkandis_son with a guest appearance from a guy I did a plot about a year ago.]
Thursday Next
On the 'A' floor, the sheer amount of Jane Austen books was astounding. Pride and Prejudice was right where it was supposed to be, although there were enough that it would take a while for the trio to find the most recent edition if they didn't know where to look.

That didn't stop them from getting started.Collapse )

[OOC: NFI, NFB due to distance. Pre-played with the marvellous bridge_carson, imac_kenzie and stupid_toasters!]
Thursday Next
06 December 2007 @ 10:21 am
They were in a long, dark, wood-panelled corridor lined with bookshelves that reached from the richly carpeted floor to the vaulted ceiling. The carpet was elegantly patterned and the ceiling was decorated with rich mouldings that depicted scenes from the classics, each cornice supporting the marble bust of an author. High above them, spaced at regular intervals, were finely decorated circular apertures through which the light gained entry and reflected off the polished wood, reinforcing the serious mood of the library. Running down the centre of the corridor was a long row of reading tables, reach with a green-shaded brass lamp. The library appeared endless; in both directions the corridor vanished into darkness with no definable end.

On all the walls, end after end, shelf after shelf, were books. Hundreds, thousands, millions of books. Hardbacks, paperbacks, leather-bound volumes, uncorrected proofs, handwritten manuscripts, everything. Anyone who stepped closer and reached out to touch the spine of any one of the books would find it was warm to touch and, anyone who put their ear to the book would hear a distant hum, the rumble of machinery, people talking, traffic, seagulls, laughter, waves on rocks, wind in the winter, branches of trees, distant thunder, heavy rain, children playing, a blacksmith's hammer and a million other sounds all happening together.

That wasn't the sound that concerned Thursday. She walked a few paces ahead of the group, head tilted as she listened carefully.

After a couple of hundred yards, they came across a junction where a second corridor crossed the first. In the middle of the crossway was a large circular void with a wrought-iron rail and a spiral staircase bolted securely to one side. Not more than thirty feet below them, if anyone was to look, was another floor, exactly like this one. But in the middle of that floor was another circular void through which they could see another floor, and another and another and so on to the depths of the library. It was the same above them, more circular wells and the spiral staircase reaching up to the dizzy heights above.

"Do you hear that?" she asked, leaning against the balcony. None of them did. That was because there was nothing to hear. "Neither do I." She pursed her lips together and her expression hardened.

The Great Library was empty.Collapse )

[OOC: NFI, NFB due to different dimension. Description of the library blatantly stolen from Jasper Fforde. Pre-played with bridge_carson, death_of_hope, imac_kenzie, psychic_wonder and stupid_toasters and featuring vkandis_son with permission!]
Thursday Next
Once everyone arrived and gathered around the service desk, Thursday moved to the front doors and locked them. She returned to the group which consisted of her library aides, minus Adah Price for a number of reasons. "Thank you all for coming. I know we don't regularly have library meetings, but this is a special case. I don't know if any of you are aware, but I'm currently the leader of an organisation called Jurisfiction. They police the on-goings within fiction itself. You may be doubtful, but at least where I come from and here in Fandom, the world inside books is very real. The problem is that I've lost contact with the rest of the BookWorld and, despite my best efforts, I haven't been able to find a way back in. You may have noticed the changes occurring in books that you know very well these past few days. Characters are disappearing, plots are changing, that sort of thing. Things are out of sorts and that generally means that something is very wrong. Unfortunately, I've run out of ideas for getting back in and I need your help. All of the regular methods of getting into the BookWorld have failed. We need fresh ideas and, if you're willing, I could use your help if we can get inside as well."

She looked at each of them, not used to having to ask for help.

Brainstorming. Novel concept.Collapse )

[OOC: Not for interaction, but public for broadcast. Pre-played with bridge_carson, death_of_hope, imac_kenzie, psychic_wonder, vkandis_son and featuring stupid_toasters with permission!]